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All appropriate documents, maps, comments and materials related to the Northern Pass Environmental Impact Statement and NEPA process requirements are available to the public from this website.


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Correspondence Jun 10, 2011 Environmental Protection Agency Cooperation Confirmation letter
Laws, Policy and Regulation Jun 2, 2011 Interpretive Guidance issued by DOE
NEPA Process Jun 2, 2011 DOE Issued Northern Pass FAQs
Correspondence May 17, 2011 CLF and Other Interveners Reply to Northern Pass Correspondence
Correspondence May 6, 2011 Doe response to US Senators Shaheen, Ayotte and US Congressman Bass correspondence from 4/6/2011
Correspondence May 6, 2011 DOE response to Congressman Guinta correspondence from 4/14/2011
Correspondence May 5, 2011 Northern Pass Response to CLF
Correspondence Apr 28, 2011 Motion to Stay Proceedings for Preparation of Comprehensive Assessment of Need filed by CLF and others
News Releases and Notices Apr 15, 2011 Federal Register announcement of Reopening Scoping Period for Northern Pass
News Releases and Notices Apr 15, 2011 Reopening of Scoping Period for the Northern Pass Transmission Line Project Environmental Impact Statement
Correspondence Apr 14, 2011 Letter from US Congressman Guinta
Correspondence Apr 12, 2011 Northern Pass Transmission LLC Withdraws Support for Certain Alternatives and Requests a 60-day Scoping Period Extension
Correspondence Apr 12, 2011 Comment from Governor John Lynch on Northern Pass Scoping Process
Correspondence Apr 11, 2011 Scoping Comment from Hydro-Quebec Production
Correspondence Apr 8, 2011 Letter from US Senator Ayotte and US Congressman Bass on Northern Pass Project
Correspondence Apr 6, 2011 Letter from US Senators Shaheen, Ayotte and US Congressman Bass
Correspondence Mar 24, 2011 DOE response to Senator Ayotte correspondence from 2/23/2011
Scoping Information Mar 19, 2011 Northern Pass Haverhill Hearing
Scoping Information Mar 18, 2011 Northern Pass Colebrook Hearing
Scoping Information Mar 17, 2011 Northern Pass Plymouth Hearing
Scoping Information Mar 16, 2011 Northern Pass Whitefield Hearing
Scoping Information Mar 15, 2011 Northern Pass Lincoln Hearing
Scoping Information Mar 14, 2011 Northern Pass Franklin Hearing
Scoping Information Mar 13, 2011 Northern Pass Pembroke Hearing
Correspondence Mar 7, 2011 Northern Pass Requests Change in Contractors for EIS
Correspondence Mar 3, 2011 DOE response to Senator Shaheen correspondence from 2/23/2011
News Releases and Notices Mar 2, 2011 DOE News Release Haverhill
News Releases and Notices Feb 23, 2011 DOE News Release Plymouth
Correspondence Feb 23, 2011 Letter from US Senator Ayotte
Correspondence Feb 22, 2011 Letter from US Senator Shaheen
Permit Application Feb 15, 2011 Northern Pass Addendum To Application Docket No Pp 371
News Releases and Notices Feb 11, 2011 DOE Press Release: Notice of Intent Publication in Federal Register
News Releases and Notices Feb 11, 2011 Federal Register page 7828 Vol. 76, No. 29
News Releases and Notices Feb 11, 2011 Notice of Intent Published in Federal Register (FR 2011-03147)
Correspondence Jan 27, 2011 DOE Letter to Interveners
NEPA Process Dec 22, 2010 40 Most Asked Questions about NEPA
Correspondence Dec 22, 2010 U.S. Forest Service Cooperation Confirmation letter
Correspondence Dec 22, 2010 Army Corps of Engineers Cooperation Confirmation letter
NEPA Process Dec 1, 2010 Memorandum of Understanding between DOE, Northern Pass and Normandeau Associates
News Releases and Notices Nov 16, 2010 Federal Register for PPA 11 16 10