Visual Impact Assessment

As part of the Visual Impact Assessment (available for download here), a field survey was conducted to document the existing condition of the visual resources in the vicinity of the Project. During this field survey, photographs were taken at more than 1,000 viewpoints (photo locations are displayed below). Of these viewpoints, 65 photographic simulations were prepared from a selection of locations. Simulation photographs were selected to represent conditions with greater visual impact. The locations of these visual simulations are displayed below. From among the visual simulations, 15 Key Observation Points (KOPs) were selected to represent impacted views from a range of distances and landscape contexts, with some emphasis placed on designated scenic resources. These 15 KOPs represent the geographic distribution and landscape diversity of views toward the Project. KOPs are also displayed below. Within the map, click on either the Key Observation Points indicator dot or the Visual Simulations indicator dot to view more information about that specific location.

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Disclaimer: The Google Map on this page is for demonstration purposes only, and may not provide exact precision for each route. For detailed and precise route maps, please see the PDF maps available in Appendix A.

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